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Grassroot Innovation Program

Nurturing Young Champions. Cultivating Sports Passion.


At Da One Sports, we recognize that every champion begins their journey with a single step. The Grassroot Innovation Program is precisely that step, designed meticulously for our youngest athletes. Here, we aim to foster a love for sports, emphasizing fun, safety, and the foundations of physical activity

Program Highlights

  • Age Range: 3 to 8 years
  • Focus: Physical and sports education, developing coordination and movement skills.
  • Objective: To emphasize the importance of physical activity, introducing young learners to the world of sports in an enjoyable and safe environment.

Program Features

  1. Introduction to Rules: An engaging way to familiarize young minds with the basic rules of various sports.
  2. Skill Development: A focus on cultivating basic sports skills to ensure a solid foundation.
  3. Safety First: Prioritizing the well-being of every child, ensuring they play in a safe and nurturing environment.
  4. Active Learning: Fostering interactive learning experiences to keep young minds and bodies engaged.
  5. Fun-filled Activities: Making sports enjoyable, so children associate play with pleasure and eagerness.

Benefits of the Program

  • Physical Growth: Enhance agility, strength, and stamina through active play.
  • Mental Development: Sports foster concentration, determination, and teamwork from an early age.
  • Social Skills: Engage in team activities, nurturing communication skills and camaraderie.
  • Foundation: Lay a strong base for a potential future in sports or just a lifelong love for physical activity.


Aanya’s Mother: “Ever since Aanya joined the Grassroot Innovation Program, her enthusiasm for sports has grown exponentially! We’re thrilled to see her so active and happy.”

Rohan’s Father: “Thank you, Da One Sports, for making sports such an enjoyable experience for Rohan. The program’s focus on safety and fun is commendable.”

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Inspire a love for sports in your child. Let them embark on a journey filled with fun, learning, and growth.